Monthly, and Out of Town Clinics

This month’s guest will be  long time friend and musical hero Adrian Demain.  Mark Nov. 26th 2:30pm at The Beatnik Bandito in Santa Ana.   Adrian has worked with some of today’s best known roots musicians including Stray Cats bassist Lee Rocker, and Big Sandy to name a few.  Prior to being a professional musician he was a professional skateboarder being featured  in skateboarding’s first video,  The Bones Brigade Video Show, and in 1986 was ranked as skateboarding’s amateur vertical champion by the National Skateboard Association.   I am interested to know how an internationally recognized skateboarder becomes an internationally recognized guitar player.   He has a wide palate of musical influences and am excited to explore those with him.  This clinic will have an emphasis on some of Adrian’s stock ideas within Blues and Swing forms.  Adrian is a not only a master musician but a fantastic educator.  Be prepared to take away usable ideas and be given a path to new influences and paradigms.  If all else fails we can take the clinic to the rear parking lot and have Adrian show us some of his signature skateboard tricks.  As always, thank you for supporting this exciting journey.  Without doubt this will be another fun clinic.  The admission for this event will be 25.00.  Purchase of the product on my homepage will serve as your ticket.  We have limited space so please RSVP soon.  The Beatnik Bandito and I have been hosting these clinics for over three years thanks to all of you.  We hope to be doing these for years to come.  As always bring your chair and I’ll supply the beer.  See you on Nov. 26th!

Keep you Calendar cleared NAMM Weekend for all sorts of events.   January 27th we will have our annual Grez Clinic at The Beatnik Bandito with Paul Pigat and  Rodney Gene from Texas.  Rodney Gene like Paul is an incredible player and master educator.  Everything from Blues, Rockabilly, to Hot Country is his forte.   Keep checking back for details.


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