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Phrasing Subscription Monthly

$6.50 / month



This is my newest product placing an emphasis on application.  Designed to be cross referenced with my other subs this product will work on placement of profiled quotes and utilizing them musically.  The strategies and design suggestions will help all us pickers play in the moment with confidence and intent.  Phrasing has always been mysterious and has been argued by some unteachable, but I think it can be taught methodically.  I do find voodoo in my favorite players phrasing.  We for sure can pick their solos out in a crowd.  That component is something that can’t be taught but through listening and quoting we will all be on that journey.  This progressive monthly product will start with 12 bar jump ideas and will evolve to 32 bar song forms.  Please check out the youtube demo to see if this might be a product for you Here is the link . The subscription will auto renew every month from the date of signup.  Connected to the receipt generated by this website will be a download link.  The monthly fee is 6.50.  Thank you.