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Herb Ellis Monthly

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This is a monthly subscription explaining  The Herb Ellis Method books.  The three volumes will be referenced collectively and not chronologically.  I’m finding that Herb’s method is very similar to how other guitarists from the same period and earlier navigated music on the guitar.  For all of you that followed me even partially through the Mickey Baker book, this is a fantastic supplement.  Herb’s books cover Blues, Rhythm Changes, and The song “All the Things you Are”  You will gain a confident understanding of the structure system, and how to implement it through exercises I have derived through Herb’s books.  Method books are always hard to navigate by yourself.  Having someone to collaborate with is always best.  I would have never of completed the Mickey Baker books without your help.  I’m looking forward to helping you in this challenge.  The process stays the same every month you will receive a new download on the anniversary of your purchase.  The video will be downloadable.  The cost will stay 8.00.  I appreciate all of your support.