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I have been teaching guitar for 21 years. My specialty is traditional blues and most forms of American music. I have always been searching and studying obscure players from our past. Their recordings are just as exciting and innovative to me as anything being produced today. I search out old melodies hoping that students and listeners find them fresh and soulful. I study the methods and styles of my heroes. I also try to understand the history of the musicians and the environment they lived in. So if you want to learn Jump Blues, Western Swing or any roots derived music I would look forward to meeting you and exploring that journey together.

I teach private lessons locally and internationally by Skype, Facetime, or Hangout.  If you live in the Los Angeles area I also teach in person.   I also organize clinics Nationally and locally with my guitar picking friends.  I have conducted clinics with Paul Pigat, Kid Ramos, James Harman, Lynwood Slim, Deke Dickerson, Kirk Fletcher, Nico Duportal, Stephen Nikleva, Pete Anderson, Keith Wyatt and Rick Holmsrtom. This month I am hosting a clinic on Swing Guitar.  I have been trying to improve my playing over other song forms other than I-IV-V.  I noticed my guitar heroes could play anything.  Tiny Grimes and Bill Jennings played everything from Blues to Swing to Ballads. As a I-IV-V guy that leap can be overwhelming.  I have learned a few tricks that I think will jump start your journey.

I have for sale my instructional video modules.  I think they are very clear and might be a good place to start.  You can see what I have available at the bottom of my homepage.  Most recently I produced a video module with Kid Ramos.  I think it’s fantastic and the video quality is my best.  If you are a fan of Kid’s playing like myself I think this is worth while. Brand new I have just released the second Kid Ramos Module.  The first was so much fun we did a second one!!  Check out the teaser.

My module on Tiny Grimes comping and Junior Barnard Chord phrasing, truly long overdue. I didn’t want to just show phrases, but wanted to teach the concepts in a way that will become intuitive to the player. I really want the viewer to internalize the theory and execute the comping lines with authority. Like the Kid Module I produced these videos with the best resources I had available to me. I hope you enjoy these on more of my favorite guitar players.

If you are an experienced player and desire a custom recorded video lesson regarding a specific player or genre let me know. Examples being a 20 minute lesson on Bill Jennings turnarounds.  All delivered by “Hightail”  email link.  Allow at least 2 days for delivery.  This gives me time to compile and organize a good lesson for you.

I have my first five video lessons teaching my jump blues guitar method. This series is designed as an introduction teaching some basic concepts on how I approach music  I will stress this is an introductory module.

My second jump blues module, is more stylistic. I pick up where I left off teaching advanced comping and lead lines by Bill Jennings and Les Paul.

Teddy Bunn and Rene Hall are a couple overlooked guitar players and a couple favorites of mine so I thought it was important to spend a few lessons talking about these players. We have heard Rene Hall’s playing on the Domino’s Records as well as Richie Valens.

My Rhy. Changes video is a great place to start for getting acquainted with 32 bar forms, and how to solo over them.


My swing guitar lessons for the blues guitarist. Looking into some of my favorite swing songs and how to teach fellow blues guitarists to play organically over changes.  I have a series of backing tracks (vol. 2) that are useful with this module.

The Solo and early Electric blues module is great for solo or band use.  Covers some cool Lonnie Johnson diminished ideas as well as Lockwood concepts.

My subscription module is my content driven guitar geek out.  No fancy camera work just me providing a song or artist ideas.  Here is a quick sample of this.  You receive a video download every two weeks, and it’s only 7.50 per lesson.

You can always purchase individual lessons from the modules without purchasing the whole module, not a bad way to go if you see something that is useful for you. The only exception is the Kid Ramos Module 1 and 2, and my Tiny Grimes, Junior Barnard Module. They are a package set.

Tommy Harkenrider, Jump Blues, and Swing Guitar Video Method.

Tommy Harkenrider Jump Blues Module 2

Rhythm Changes Guitar Lesson by Tommy Harkenrider

Solo Blues guitar module

Teddy Bunn and Rene Hall Lesson Module

Swing guitar for the Jump blues guitarist

Video Lesson titles if bought seperately

1. Bass Line jump rhy. (Beginner basic)
2. Chord Structure Basics (Beginner but important to know this system)
3. Horn stabs using partials (Intermediate)
4. Introduction to Sock Rhy. (Intermediate)
5. Basic application of Bill Jennings using partials and structures. (Advanced)
6. Rhythm Changes (Intermediate)
7. Rhythm Changes soloing (Advanced)
8. Bill Jennings comping 1 (Advanced)
9. Bill Jennings comping 2 (Advanced)
10. Bill Jennings licks 1 (Advanced)
11. Bill Jennings licks 2 (Advanced)
12. Les Paul licks (Advanced)
13. Country and early Electric Blues Module 60 minute lesson (progressive method)
14. Rene Hall Lesson
15. Teddy Bunn Lesson pt. 1
16. Teddy Bunn Lesson pt. 2

All my products are available for purchase at the bottom of my Homepage