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Swing for the Blues Guitarist Module 2 with PDF


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This is the follow up to my first Swing Module.  This pack of 4 lessons covers chord cycles ie. ii-V-I, I-VI-ii-V and altered V chords as it relates to players like Tiny Grimes, Bill Jennings, and Jimmy Rivers.    I hope this set of lessons will open up some doors for you in your soloing and comping.  I also set up strategies on how to phrase and solo over songs that aren’t a 12 bar form.    I use the chord structures to create movement over a Key Center.  Creating chord or single note melodies will make sense.  I know some of this sounds complex, but  hope  my explanation will take away some  mystery, opening up new options in your Blues and Swing Playing.  This pack of lessons is designed for Blues Guitarists wanting more tools to use beyond box patterns while still sounding true to the vintage genre we love.  (Just added PDF transcriptions)