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Mickey Baker Monthly Subscription April 2021 Start

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This is a monthly subscription going through, and explaining “Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar”.  This book has been the mystical guide for Blues guitarists.  I remember Little Charlie suggesting this book.  Of course I took his advice,  who wouldn’t want to sound like Little Charlie.    I have been using this book for years clawing through it trying to understand where I could apply it in my Blues playing.  I had my doubts when I tried playing a major 7th chord at one of my gigs.  The band looked at me like they were chewing on lemons.  I went back to the book and kept scraping away.  Their are plenty of people who demonstrate the lessons in the book but don’t offer reasons why you are doing what you are doing.  My goal is to offer reasons and analysis of his lessons. Ultimately, I want to get all of you the necessary information to use in your blues playing.  I will combine lessons based on relevance and spend longer lessons on what might be technically difficult.  Every month you will be auto renewed with a new download link.  For these lessons I’m only charging $8.00 per month.  I’m still keeping it cheaper than netflix or XM.  Included will be pdf’s Dont’ cheat and work ahead!!!!! If anyone misses the download link just drop a note and I will make sure you get it.  I think this will be a fun journey for all of us.  If anyone has problems signing up just let me know.  File links will be hightail downloads.