Tommy Harkenrider Blues & Roots

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you can order my backlogged subscription lessons for 8.50 each.  just specify which ones in the invoice or at  email me after purchase at Here is the list of past lessons.

1. Get Hot- Bill Jennings

2. Charles Brown- Merry Christmas Baby

3. Jimmy Rivers- Back Bay Shuffle

4. Tiny Grimes- Tiny’s Tempo

5. Tiny Webb- Floyd Dixon’s That’ll get it

6. John Weis- Miss Molly with Tex Williams

7. Jean Pierre Sassoon- Lucky T

8. Allan Reuss- Slow Joe

9. Mickey Baker

10. Hank Garland- Seventh and Union

11. Lonnie Johnson

12. Sheldon Bennett- Sleepy Time

13. George Barnes- Lover Come Back

14. Bill Jennings- Noon Train

15. Grady Martin

16. George Barnes- Windy City Flash

17. Bob Wills TK Smith- Just Take Her

18. Tiny Grimes Living Room Romp

19. Teddy Bunn Hobo Boogie

20. Pete Lewis

21. Irving Ashby- Top Hat Bop

22. Bill Jennings Billy in the Lions Den

23. Remo Palmieri Southpaw Serenade

24. Barney Kessel Jammin the Blues

25. Charlie Christian Stompin at the Savoy

26. Billy Butler- Honey Boy

27. Oscar Moore- This Way Out

28. Bill Jennings- Gator’s Tail

29. Junior Barnard- San Antonio Rose

30. Jimmy Rivers- Jammin with Jimmy

31. Grant Green- Space Flight

32. Jesse Allen (Bill Jennings) Rock with Me

33. Mary Osborne- I Love Paris

34. Billy Butler Big Boy pt. 1

35. Billy Butler Big Boy pt. 2

36. George Barnes licks and tricks

37. Groovin with Grimes pt. 1

38. Groovin with Grimes pt. 2

39. Pee Wee Crayton Huckleboogie

40. Jimmy Wyble- Texas Playboy Rag

41. Alexandria Virginia

42. Carl Hogan Louis Jordan Salt Pork West Virginia

43. Johnny Guitar Watson

44. Goree Carter

45. Charlie Christian Profoundly Blue

46. Rose Room Remo Palmieri and Charlie Christian

47.  Dinah Subscription pt 1

48. Dinah Subscription pt 2

49. Al Casey Fat Man’s Boogie

50. Frankie and Johnny Tiny Grimes

51. How High The Moon pt1

52. How High the Moon pt 2 A Section Solo

53. Slow Boat To China pt 1

54. Slow Boat to China pt 2

55. Don’t Sweet Heart me Junior Barnard

56. Fat Boy Rag Junior Barnard

57. Dave Barbour Subscription

58. T Bone Walker Subscription

59. BB King Ain’t The way to do it

60. Al Casey Buck Jumpin

61. Gene Phillips Subscription

62. Pee Wee Crayton Guitar Boogie Subscription

63. Danny Cedrone Subscription

64. Blues After Hours Subscription

65. Honey Boy Billy Butler pt 2