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$7.50 every 2 weeks

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I am very thrilled about my lesson Subscription!  I kept getting requests to get more video lessons out.  The issue I had was the production.  It took awhile to cut a video and then edit it.  I thought maybe the only thing that really matters is the content not the high production quality.  The videos and instruction just needs to be clear, and sound good.  The pro is that it doesn’t cost me a lot to produce videos off my webcam and can get them out quickly.  The result is more lessons at a lower price.  I can spend two weeks wood shedding our favorite players concepts and produce a 15-20 minute lesson, and get it to you right away!   Really a dream I can focus more on learning new things and pass them on to you.  The price is 7.50 every two weeks (this is 1 subscription in the cart), and you get a download link with my video lesson for you to own.  So once you download it’s yours to learn from with no expiration, as opposed to streaming.  Every two weeks  you will be given a new link to download.  The topics are all my picks, or suggestions from you.  Lessons can range from Pee-wee Crayton, George Barnes, Tiny Grimes, Billy Butler, Jimmie Rivers, Lonnie Johnson etc.

Here is the ordering process.  Once you sign up you will be notified by email with a download link. When you download the link, the browser will ask what application  you want to use to open.  Pick your browser ie. firefox, google, safari etc. Your browser will open the link.  Dump it on your computer and watch the video.  I use quicktime,  I think that is the best viewer.  If any of you have problems just drop me an email and I can walk you through it or send a direct link.  You can quit at anytime nothing fancy no sign up fees or stuff like that.  I think this will be a way for us to learn more stuff together quickly and allow me to communicate with you.  We are a small brotherhood who loves this music so it’s important for me to talk to you guys.  Since the launch date is on the 10th, the next one will be on the 24th if you paid on the 10th.  Your billing and new download link will happen every two weeks from when you sign up.  Since we aren’t streaming it really doesn’t matter when you fall in the video lesson  schedule.  Once you pay or renew you get a new download.  If a weird billing thing happens such as leap year, I’ll always make sure you guys get your video download.