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Tiny Grimes Comping, and Introduction to Junior Barnard Chording Module

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This is my latest Module covering two more of my favorites. Both Tiny Grimes and Junior Barnard are guitarists I love listening to and quoting. When composing this module I tried to understand theoretically the ideas they were using. I hope I took some of their most signature comping and chording ideas and presented it where you can implement these lines at will, and make it part of your playing. For me Western Swing and Jump Blues are in the same Wheel House, and it doesn’t get much better. The module is two video lessons roughly 30 minutes long combined. I have the same high quality production as my Kid Ramos Video. The downloads will be sent through Hightail within a couple hours of purchase. I personally send out all downloads, and answer any questions. The videos should be viewed through Quicktime.

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