Tommy Harkenrider Blues & Roots

Grez Guitars Blues and Roots Clinic with Kid Andersen




I can’t believe another year has passed.  Our  annual  Beatnik Bandito Clinic is just around the corner.  As always my co-host and fellow Grez guitar picker Paul Pigat will be returning from Vancouver.  World respected as a performer and clinician, he will undoubtedly give us more information to chew on  for the next year.   Paul has been a dear friend and mentor for me.  Whenever I hit a wall in performance or education I ask myself what would Paul do.  Without fail, I’m always able to pull more from myself, and Paul is the muse responsible.  NAMM brings in some of the world’s best players.   Ironically, this year’s guest is from the San Francisco Bay Area.  I sometimes take for granted that California is home to some of the best Blues guitar players.  I’m lucky to have a friend of mine that I don’t  get to see enough,  Kid and I both live in the same state and we never seem to connect.  Kid Andersen is one of the best and I’m honored to have him as this year’s guest.  Currently, with the iconic Night Cats he inspires world wide.  With all his reverence for American music he is a native of Norway.  Further proving Blues is a global genre and no longer regionalized to the US.  He is quoted musically by many Blues guitar players including myself.  I hope to learn more from him during this clinic.  His Truefire course is fantastic and he is an effective and inspiring educator.  I hope he can expand on some of his ideas during this clinic.  Please don’t miss this rare opportunity.  All of you will leave feeling inspired and connected to the guitar,  wanting to to persevere to the next stage of development.   I think you experience ideas that will fuel the  tenacity to move ahead.     When it comes to Barry’s guitars they are some of the best, and I am proud to be a Grez owner and player. Both Paul and Kid are Grez endorsers.   I have been abroad and the Grez has been the tool I trust. The Clinic is 30.00 and as always beer is included as long as you bring your own chair. We will be starting at 2pm. Space is limited so I urge you to save your space by purchasing this product. This will act as your ticket.