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    Hey boys wanted to get your opinions about live streaming. I get asked pretty often about my clinics and that I should record them and put them up on my website. I have been doing some research and it seems that live streaming could be a solution. I think the technology is better than what it used to be when I did my first clinics at Premiere. So for you guys in the UK and even North Carolina would this be something I should try. It seems tikilive will hook up with my website and make it easy to view. The other question is what would be a reasonable price? keep in mind it won’t be multiple cameras, probably a wide angle on all of us. If the technology works there are other applications. I could do a group lesson once a week for 30min, and cover a topic and keep the price pretty low. maybe as low as 10.00. Get me some ideas


    Hey Tommy, I’d definitely be up for that (time differences permitting)- keep seeing clips of all these clinics on Facebook and wish I could have been there. Group lessons a great idea also, 10 bucks sounds like a bargain to me!


    A thought on group lessons on the technical side of things. A lot of these groups chats, like Google Hangouts, if used you would need to find away to control the mics and who has the stage. What I mean, with Google Hangout as an example, is the default setting is when someone’s mic picks up a sound the camera switches to put them up front on everyone’s screen. So that is who they see. Now in a situation like a conference call where everyone is quite, except when someone chimes in with a question or something, this typically works fine. The problem you will run into with group guitar lessons with this set up is, as you show licks and ideas people are going to play them to try and figure them out on their guitars. So when the mics pick this up it will be constantly scrolling around, and get confused. I am sure there is a setting, or way, to give one person total control of when someone is allowed to be heard/seen by everyone. So you would just have to figure out a way to let people let you know about a question and then you can give the floor to them to ask it. Then you would be able to cut them off so you could answer, demo, or what not. Hopefully that all made sense. If you already know how to avoid this problem than please ignore. One more thought on groups lessons that would tie into streaming of clinics that I will chime in on in another post.


    The second thought on group lessons, that will effect streaming of clinics, is the time differences with people that that Steve Spooner brought up. This would effect the clinic streaming the most, I would think, because group lessons can just be split up into people by region. NC is 3 hours ahead of you, UK area depending on where is 8 hours ahead, and Australia, depending on where, is 17 hours ahead. This could make streaming of the clinics very difficult. A mid afternoon clinic for you is dinner/night time for me, late night in the UK, and the wee hours of the morning the next day in Australia.

    A thought on this live streaming that may be something, and could bring in extra money. You have to have cameras to capture the live feed, so you could record it and post it to sell also on your website. I think this would be helpful for two reasons. First is people would have a way to relive it and go back to see things they forgot. We all see something and think “man that was cool, I will have to remember that” and then later that day, or sometime, end up forgetting what it was. So that way people can have a copy and always go back to it. Plus if you are someone taking video on your phone it causes you to become disengaged form the experience and miss things. The second thing is it also lets some of us others to be able to par take in the knowledge of these people as well if your clinic takes place in the middle of the night for us, or we have some other conflict. You could make it where if you bought a clinic ticket, or a live feed, you would get this recording free along with it. Then if you didn’t do that and just wanted to purchase it, you could sell it to these people for half the price of the live stream or something. The free video to people that came to the clinic, or streamed it could be solved with something as simple as giving your e-mail when you register. Then you just send the file to them by e-mail. Just some thoughts. I do not have much experience with this so they could dumb ideas.


    Good points. I already did a little research let me know if this mitigates the issues. First the group lesson is not super interactive. There is a chat window for people to ask questions but I can’t see anyone. It would be done through and it links up nicely with my website so no need to go to another website. It would be live streamed with the option to play back once. The group lesson would be a 30minute lesson, probably lick based. Obscure but useable. The video of the clinics to sell would be cool but between editing and getting it into a format I could sell I would probably have to charge about as much for that as the actual clinic. I’ll keep working on it.


    Sounds like you have been doing your home work. I would like to know more about the format/editing issues with the streaming idea. See if I can maybe think of something on that end to help you out. It may be something you could send me and I possibly take care of it for you. Maybe I could edit it down for you and send it back to you to post. My end would all depend on the format it is sent in. Could always try a mock video in the format it would be in, that way we could see if it is possible.


    Would be awesome… In my experience of watching live streams though they rarely run smoothly and are usually choppy and not really watchable…my internet is pretty average though so it could just be that. I personally would be more interested in getting a copy of it but understand like you said that’s a lot more work then just live streaming it. I’d be happy with anything I am sick of getting depressed that I’m half the world away every time I see them on Facebook!


    Sounds like you have the options worked out. I may have mentioned this before, it’s one more streaming company but these guys are music focused, for whatever that’s worth.


    I’ll take a look into all of this. Dan is right streaming can be a pain and is contingent on internet connections. The video download might be the way to go, but more than editing I would like to do download as opposed to dvd, just because of the extra cost of making physical products. I need to find out what resolution I can knock it down to. A two hour clinic at 720 could easily be 8 to 9 gigs. That’s a lot of download time. Even longer with people using limited internet. I might do streaming for the Pete anderson clinic and will email a few of you folks to be my beta audience. and take it from there.


    The editing may take out a lot of the file size as well. A lot of un-needed filler occurs in a clinic. A lot of shooting the bull and other things. I have only seen the clinics with Paul and Junior but I know with questions, stories and other things, there were a lot of things that would get everything sidetracked off topic for a while at a time. You could edit a lot of that out and just leave the demonstrations, explaining/breakdowns, and the jamming on tunes and that would probably cut the running time in half. That could maybe be a solution to file size.


    I’d be interested, nothing like being there, but let me know if you get it worked out.


    I’d definetly be interested! A bit like Dan, I often see the posts on FB I think man I’d love to be at that! I do like being able to go back over things so if that was incorporated even better.


    I have recently seen a pretty amazing new app called “periscope”…. You need a twitter account, but can then leave a link on FB to access your own personal phone camera for a live feed. Gino Mateo of the Sugar Ray Rayford band did that this week for a live show they did last weekend, and Molly Dominguez did a live rehearsal for a show she is doing this Saturday.
    Pretty cool..!

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