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    Heres a quick video ( I record these a lot to see how things sound ) the first line is the Tal Farlow one that tommy taught to me and the 2/5 is lifted from grady martins solo on my window faces the south. Wack them together and you got a hip little chorus over a blues. The sound is kinda bad something wrong with my speakers when I video on quicktime.


    Nice! Is your CC pickup a TK or a Lollar? I had to change out my Bridge pickup when I switched to my TK CC II pickup because the standard Tele pickup I had was a little weak for it. The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder was a good compliment for it. They are discontinuing them now so a lot of places are closing them out. Some good deals out there if you can find them. Enjoyed the playing.


    My friend Don Mare has made his version of the Quarter pounder called the Big Mac. I have heard it is the Quarter pounder with more vibe. I haven’t tried it but I will get in touch with him to do some demos real soon.


    That sounds excellent dan some really tasty playing. I’m new to the forum just stumbled onto to tommy’s site via listening to junior Watsons playing. Who I I’ve just stumbled onto too.


    Thanks! Its a tk cc11 gretschman same as yours I believe. In the bridge is just a stock 52 ri pup it matches up well. They are pretty even there is no real noticeable change in output which is how I prefer it and I have cc pretty high the magnet. Actually this just got me thinking the original 52ri the pup came from had a a mini humbucker in the bridge so maybe its higher output than a normal one. All I know is I couldnt stand that pup in the original guitar and I only put it into this rutters body as a temporary thing but it just sounds killer in the pine body. The whole guitar is a funny thing because I sent my original 52 body to t.k its having his c.a.r pups in it and a new neck etc. so I only put this tele together because I had the fender neck left over but it just turned out to be a really killer guitar. Im wishing now that I got a pine body for other one as well as I feel a lot of it has to do with the body. Hopefully getting that one back in december some time so I cant wait!



    cool and clean playing and sublime tone! Can’t wait for my CCII’d tele build. Is there much of a difference between the cc and a Standard neck pu?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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