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Tommys new backing tracks are killer

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    If you haven’t grabbed them yet they kick ass. Such a great practice aid when your too tight to buy a looper like me. Even if you had a looper these are 10 times better. Anyway thanks for a killer product tommy. Heres a vid of me pickin on I got rhythm.

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    Nice playing. Some good pickers down under. I agree, all of Tommy’s tracks are worth having. They have that playing with a band feel, and do not feel sterile like most backing tracks you get. He did a very good job on both sets he has done.


    You sold me Dan. I’m not the best looper guy. I often have a tendency to time the end of the track a hair off and get a burp at the end of the loop. Need more practice. You’re sounding good on that Gibby. Mike


    I’m glad everyone is digging the backing tracks. They were alot of fun to make. I’ll for sure do a vloume 3 sometime this fall. What I like about the tracks is that the musicians including myself are jump blues guys and not jazz guys. That being said our vocabulary is a little more limited but I think the feel is better and more applicable to our day to day playing and gigs. Dan smokes ass on that recording. Between him and Craner posting cool Charlie Christian ideas. I’m inspired to dig in myself. What I find cool about the 32 bar song forms is the A section is very static soloing can almost become generic, but when the bridge hits the chord cycle brings excitement.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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