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    Hey boys this thread will be where to post comments, suggestion or help on the video subscription lessons. I know some of you are already having problems with the download I’ll make a screen video here shortly.


    Hey Tommy! They way you have this set up and organized is very cool, nice job man!
    Question…the turnaround in Get Hot…1-7, 1-9, 4 maj, 4 dim…etc…for that 4 maj chord, it seems you gotta use the 5 string Eb as the lowest note before dropping to the D note for the dim…is that correct? not to use the Bb note on the 6th string…?
    I feel like I’m playing all the chords ok with a reasonable rhythm, but I’m not quite getting the feel of motion in the bass like you do…but hey…to be expected…! BTW, Ab is interesting, don’t fool with that much!


    Hey man! finally getting caught up. The IV chord in Ab is Db, and I do use the 5th string root before I move to the diminished so I think you are right on. I’m glad you like the lesson.. The new one will be out in a couple days. I hope you will like it. It’s going to cover some Jean Pierre Sassoon guitar lines. I think you will dig his playing. I’m with you though Ab is a pain since we never really play it. I love the tune but I haven’ quite gotten it completely under my fingers yet. Hope the Holidays were good for you man!!!


    Just a quick note…diggin the Weis lesson. Am unable to copy the lines but am able to use portions of all these pieces and adapt them to 1-4-5 stuff or within the chord progression of the tunes…cool! I try to move around to other keys a bit too, but man you got me working! Thanks Tommy!


    I’m so happy to hear that. I’m wanting to get some of those lines to coordinate with some of our other lessons. Been fun working through this stuff. Happy Easter man!


    Hey guys. I can’t believe the subscription service is still running strong. They have helped my playing quite a bit. Getting the opportunity to transcribe new solos and ideas from our heroes has been invaluable. We don’t have any shortage of players to study, but I would like to get some ideas from you. So please send some suggestions my way. Hope everyone’s 4th was good!!


    Hey Tommy I am interested in purchasing to your Herb Ellis monthly subscription. I have all three of Herb’s books and audio files. I would like to know how you explain and supplement his method in the subscription. I agree that the books need more info than “learn the scales, arps and chords – now swing!”.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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