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Tommy Interviewed on KUCI college radio: link expires 6/29

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    Tommy did an interview on a local radio station this morning. I couldn’t tune in for the whole thing so I recorded it for later listening. I figured I post a link to the recording if anyone else is interested. Cheers. Hope this is cool with you Tommy.


    Many thanks for this Craner, listening to it now.


    Thanks for posting this Craner, and thanks for doing an awesome interview, Tommy. I enjoyed listening to the show while I toiled at my desk today.

    I have actually been thinking about something related recently. I may be late to the game, but I have been listening to podcasts a lot lately at my desk and in my car. Two of my favorites, Turned Out a Punk and the Art of Wrestling, are essentially interviews with punk rock musicians and professional wrestlers (sorry, rasslers as they say here in NC) telling their respective stories in their respective gigs. I have not really listened to punk rock in 15-20 years and have not watched wrestling, but I find the stories and oral history fascinating. I bet the collective power of this message board could put together a hell of an early electric guitar podcast.


    Mr. Barker I think you are on to something. I’d like to brainstorm this some more. Maybe Each week one of us could do a show. I’ll look into it a little more. This has to be easier than the pay per view I thought about with my clinics. I’d like to hear you guys thoughts


    I would be up for something like that. I think it would be cool because you have so many different people on here from different places in the world. I would be curious about some of the history in places like Australia, and Europe outside of the British Invasion we all know about. Unfortunately I used up my best stories on Paul telling him about the “Whiskey Highway” and telling him about the music history around Jason’s and my area. I have some friends here that I could get to share some of their stories. One who’s dad played with the Grand Ole Opry and played with a who’s who of people like Chet Atkins and Bob Wills. His house was also a big recording and rehearsal spot so he has cool stories of these guys coming to the house to play for the day. This same friend also himself has played with a collection of people. My dad probably has some of his times playing with Arthur Smith, and his uncle that did session drumming in Nashville and played with some of the Grand Ole Opry guys and others when they came to play through North and South Carolina. I also have some connections to Mac Arnold and some others that played with the early Pioneers of electric blues. There is also quite a collection of people that will have good stories in Jason’s neck of the woods. I think it could be a cool idea.


    COOL! I’ll see what the process is to do one of these. I’m thinking I’ll have all of you that would be interested record your podcast and send it to me and i’ll get it posted on a pod server. If anyone knows how to get the ball rolling please let us know.


    Craner…seeing if you had a PDF of the Jazz Chord Changes Anthology….??

    Cannot seem to find it online….


    Yes I do. Give me your email address and I’ll send it to you.

    Anyone else who would like this can give your email as well.


    Found it online: git it while the gittin’s good…

    I recommend you download it and split it A-L and M-Z (ends up being about the same size that way) and take it to your favorite copy center and have them make you a bound, double sided copy.

    I’ve already split this into two different pdf’s (A-L and M-Z) if anyone who needs help with this and would rather just have me email them I would be glad to, just let me know.


    And Pay dirt….here is a directory of tons of fakebooks and real books. The anthology is in there too. You can read till your eyes bleed on this one.

    I’ve had fake books for awhile (thanks Tommy) and while they’ve been useful they are usually piano focused and as such call out chord voicings that may be unnecessary for guitar. Until I got the Anthology I used mostly Ralph Patts Vanilla book (online on his website). But the anthology is laid out very cleverly and doesn’t get carried away with the voicings. It is probably the best book of which to make a print copy. I say this in case someone gets a little over zealous about all the other books in this latest link. Stick with the anthology.

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