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    Yes, the notch in the blade is purposeful and does help with string balance. I believe Vintage Vibe will add the notch as an option. I think it is in some way similar to adjustable poles, as you said, “causing a little disruption” at certain places.


    For Tk’s pickups I seem to get a good balance between the 3rd and fourth strings. I know Grez was having issue balancing outputs on a sister Grez to my red one. They were different pickups and not a blade, but still had had some issues. Mostly because of the way pyramid 12’s are gauged. I did notice that my red guitar was easier to balance. The only conclusion I could make was that I use nylon saddles on my top three strings and stainless on the bottom. The softer material on the 3rd string mellowed it out a little. I think the result was more even. Just food for thought.


    Red head sisters, nylons and G strings…what are we talking about again?


    HA. Well the only time I have found a G string is not more trouble than it is worth is on a good looking woman, with some good nylons and garter. Guitar talk can get so wrong, so fast. Take a conversation about getting a good tone out of effects pedals for instance. “Man all you need is a Big Muff and hit it in the front with a Super Hard On, and it will get nice, creamy and fat for you.” Just imagine your wife coming in on you talking on the phone at night, in the middle of that conversation. LOL.


    LOl! My wife is used to all that talk now. Truth is she thinks I’m speaking trig or algebra to all my students. b5, #11 etc. Speaking of that see you this afternoon man!


    A little update on the strings I use for my Grez. I finally wore out the pyramids after 5 months. Luckily I had a lot of gigs. I pulled the trigger and put Thomastics on. I should have done this a long time ago. Really love the feel and touch. The 3rd took awhile to get used to because its a 20 and I was using an 18 with the pyramids. the gauges make sense. The Low E feels light but that’s my only complaint. I recently saw that throbak electronics is making round core strings but they don’t have a set with a 12 on top. I’ve emailed them but haven’t heard back.


    Tommy, you will have to tell me what you think of the 20 plain. I have always liked it the best on the big gauge strings. For me it gives the best of both worlds with the tonal balance and still being able to bend the 3rd for those rockin licks. Plus it intonates so much better on those old archtop bridges. I have been trying hip people on to this, so maybe if you like it and hop on board we can share with people what they have been missing.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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