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    Grez, Thanks for the details on the construction. That is very interesting to know. You are right, I love knowing how things work and the details behind them. I was one of those kids that was always taking his stuff apart. I thought the neck pickup was a perfect tone on that guitar. I think it is a very nice setup for chord melody stuff. I rolled the tone down on the neck and it gave a beautiful tone for songs like “Misty” and “Autumn Leaves.” Maybe a treble bleed would be nice for some people, but I kind of like the treble rolling off a little with the volume on the neck. This is because when I roll back on the neck volume it is usually to fall back into the background, or to play something soft and mellow, so I want the treble to come down some also. It makes this easier for me to just adjust the one thing, instead of volume and tone. The bridge is the only one I would like to have the ability to get brighter for versatility reasons. I noticed playing with Tommy it didn’t jump out quite like I would want it to on the twangier, rockabilly things, in a band situation. That is just me though. A jazzer would love it the way it is. This is no way a criticism on the guitar. I loved the guitar and couldn’t put it down when Tommy let me play it. I had to be told to put the guitar down because I was so addicted to it. No lie. I do not do that much with guitars, and I am always picking ones up out of curiosity. I have played a ton of them. Keep it up because you definitely have a talent.
    I would be curious as to how a humbucker in the neck would sound. I think with the fullness of that guitar acoustically, I wonder if a humbucker would possibly be to much in it. Maybe start to get muddy. I think the fat single coils are a good match for that. I think the DeArmond Dynasonic style pickups would be a good fit on that guitar as well.


    Hey Folks, I put together one more little video on how I’m building RC’s archtops, specifically spruce topped guitars this time. Thanks in advance for checking it out.


    I have a 2004 R.C. Allen Ambassador for sale if anyone’s interested…

    $3,500 OBO

    Pics available

    Todd (909) 234-8482

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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