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    I could go on and on about pickups. I want to hear what your favorites are etc. I keep tinkering with different combonations, and their are a few constants I have. One is P90’s work for me every day of the week. I still haven’t found a PAF I like. TK Smith makes the best Blade pickup for me out their. Of course Don Mare does the best tele pickups hands down.


    My favorite pick-ups were always the Guilds. They are a sound all their own like Filter Trons, or DeArmonds. The Humbuckers,the P90 looking pickups I believe they called Franz, and the Dearmond Dynasonic style. I loved everything they made. The Humbuckers are probably my favorite. You can dial them in for a lot of bite, and get killer rockabilly tones, or roll off the volume and tone to get very warm and jazzy. Nothing sound like them to me. New makers Lollar P90 all the way, and the Lollar and Tk Smith Charlie Christian pickups are my favorite in that style. The Lollar and Tk are neck and neck to me in that pickup. One is a little better at chording while the other stands out more in the single note stuff. So to me it is what would you rather have. Can’t go wrong either way. I personally am going to buy the TK hopefully at the end of the month.


    I think the Duncan Antiquity p90 pickup is a fantastic p90. I’ve tried Gibsons, no name alnico’s, Lollar Costello’s and GFS.

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    I was reading on facebook that the early cylindrical magnets, was a factor in p90 tone. I was told kent armstrong sells replicas. still researching

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