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    Got to see Tommy Harkenrider and Kid Ramos at the Fender Museum show Thursday night.
    Great show,great to see two pros work off each other with different styles using different
    guitars.I didn’t see a Gretch so on the break I asked Tom if he played Gretchs and which pickup
    he though produced the best Gretch rockabilly sound.Without hesitation he said “Dynosonics are it
    for me”.I hit Youtube and found the perfect demo video:”4 pickups tested on a jazz guitar”.
    You don’t see anything but the letters A/B/C/D as he plays the same riffs on each pickup.
    It’s the Pepsi challenge,as honest as a test can be.The one I picked 4 out of 4 was the Dynosonic.
    So thanks for the tip Tom,I hope to bring back something from the guitar show at Costa Mesa Fairgrounds
    this weekend with Dynosonics in it!


    I was playing at the fairgrounds yesterday and wanted to get over to the guitar show. I’m really curious if you picked up a new toy. The dynasonics are a cool pickup, I like them better than the filtertrons. A gretsch is on my list of must have guitars.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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