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    One for Lynwood Slim. I had to post this because music is really about the spirit. You can hear it in the playing of Tiny Grimes, Billy Butler, Charlie Christian and the list goes on. I’m not a big harp fan and actually prefer to listen to sax or other horns but it wasn’t till after Lynwood Slim passed that I actually started to appreciate what a good harp player is all about and he could sing his ass off too. He defiantly had the spirit. Best to watch this on a Saturday night with a few cold ones.
    RIP Lynwood.


    What a bad ass band holy smokes! Cant wait to watch to whole thing later tonight. Rip Lynwood.


    I only saw him live one time and it was the same line up, The Memphis Kings and Junior Watson. Something about his voice, this will sound cliche, but it just grabs you and sucks you in, just fantastic!


    I was fortunate enough to get to hang out with Lynwood one of my times out visiting Tommy. We were meeting up with him to get some breakfast, and through a series of strange and humorous string of events, we ended up hanging out all afternoon. He was a very unique guy. Not to be taken in the negative context that the statement is often used for. I mean it in the way that all of the different things he did, was into, or had extensive amounts of knowledge in, was not what you were expecting. They all came in a very deceptive package. He was very gracious towards me. He was like Tommy in the sense that when you first meet them you are instantly comfortable, and feel like you have always known them. He was a good guy even though his outward persona could sometimes make him seem a little rough around the edges. My favorite voice of all time in blues, and probably always will be.


    Man, Brian you got the full Lynwood experience. He was such a good guy, I miss him very much. I learned alot from him not just music, or crazy trivia. To me he was always a very stand up guy, I deal with alot of musicians that I don’t trust. I looked up to slim. THat being said if he liked you, you were good. however, if he didn’t watch out. Junior had this story about meeting slim. Junior heard slim was a con man, and hustler. When Junior met Slim he asked if all that was true. LYnwood responded “Absolutely, but I have never fucked over a musician” Obviously the rest is history.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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