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    Glad to see ya Dave. I think with this little hangout of mine I’m gonna a learn a ton from you guys as well.


    Pops here. -Hobby player learning from and being inspired by Tommy. Glad to be aboard!


    My name is Bryan Porter from the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Met Tommy when he was out doing a show in Durham NC. Took some lessons to help get over a hump, because the West Coast way of playing is very different than ours, and became good friends. We have been getting together once a week to share ideas, and push each other for about 3 years now. Looking forward to the forum. I love any excuse to nerd out on music. Tommy may be the biggest nerd, besides myself, that I have ever met.


    Hey all, a little late to the party but I am a 39-year old PhD student and Teaching Fellow in early American history. My earliest blues influences when I started playing were early Muddy Waters, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Freddie King. For the last few years, I’ve had a serious T-Bone addiction that just will not quit. I love all kinds of American roots music (1920s jazz through late 60s country-rock) though my deepest love is for rhythm & blues (and “straight” blues) from the 40s and 50s. These days, I alternate my playing time between jump blues and solo electric blues and I hope to learn a lot here.


    Hey mhattem, Welcome and I like your Vintage 47/ ES-150 vid. Good playing. Kinda in my style only better. Keep posting. Going thru divorce right now so gotta leave the scene soon but I ain’t dead yet. I’ll be learning into my 90s so I think this is the place. Mike


    There you are fool! Good to hear from you again. Got some new stuff for us to research, don’t know a ton about him John-Pierre Sasson. Killer french jump player from the 50’s. Hope you and the family are doing well. I think you will have fun on this forum.


    Hey People.

    I just registered here – I used to be all about Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, Dexter Gordon and Cannonball Adderly (Bebop, mostly Hardbop and some modern jazz) and so on, but The swing / pre-bop / western swing bug bit me pretty hard. I am listening to a lot of Lester Young, Jimmy Bryant, Lanham, Jennings, and so on These days. Always happy to recieve recommendations what to listen to!

    Currently have a tele-type on order with a local builder here: Maple neck, semi hollow mahagony Body (no f-holes, but lots of wood removed) and a TK Smith CCII with Lollars matching Bridge pickup. Have been waiting on this guitar a Long time now (almost a year). So I recently strung flatwounds on my pine Body tele – big surprise, it sounded amazing! Hope the mahagony was the right choice for Maximum woodiness.

    I am going to stop here for now. talk to you soon in all these other threads!


    Glad you jumped down the rabbit hole with the rest of us. Hard to go wrong with the TK pickups. Funny you mention Lester Young. I have been listening to the Kansas city sessions with Eddie Durham on guitar. Some real cool ideas. I’ve been hit up to do some lessons on Roy Lanham has been very challenging for me. Been an awesome way to learn chord melody ideas. I have the rovers passport to summer on my to do list


    Hi All,

    I have been taking classes with Tommy for a while. It’s been a great education. I love the fact that I can learn how to play the music I love and get a history lesson. It’s important to know where the music comes from and fun to know how it developed.


    Hi Everyone,

    Mark from the UK here.

    This is great, I’ve been reading through all the stuff you guys have been discussing and it’s fantastic to find a group of people who are interested in the same things as me.

    I love early B.B. King, T-Bone, Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt, Pee Wee Crayton, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Long John Hunter, Mikey Baker and Duke Robillard (especially the Conversations in Swing albums with Herb Ellis).

    Looking forward to learning from you guys and taking part in this.


    Hi Mark, where are you in the uk..? There’s a few of us Brits on here..!


    I’m in Nottinghamshire, where are you


    SW London. This is a great little forum Tommys set up. Very informative. There’s some guys on here that really know there stuff on amps, guitars etc….& all very helpful when you post stuff. Enjoy! 🙂


    Thanks stevie!


    Hi everyone, Todd from Lake Forest, CA here. I saw Tommy and the Memphis Kings play with Paul Pigat with my friend Al M. at the Beachfire last Thursday in San Clemente, and briefly got to meet Tommy, and Tavo of Nocturne. It was a great night and my friend was invited by Tommy to sit in for part of the last song of the first set, which was a thrill to see. Anyway, I’ve played guitar my whole life, self taught, and still feel like a beginner. I’m hoping by hanging around here, purchasing some of the videos and setting up some lessons in the near future will help spur some new growth in my playing.

    As far as gear, I’ve got too much and still it never seems like enough. I mostly play my Telecaster, refinished by MJT, with Lollar 52s and a Callaham. I also have a ’66 Jazzmaster and ’54 ES-125 (full body, non-cutaway). I haven’t played in a band in nearly a decade, but write and record my own music in my little bedroom studio every night after the kids are in bed. It ain’t much but it keeps me going.

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