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    Hey Everyone, I’m just getting my forum up and running. It will build and get bigger. I get lots of emails from all of you about some great topics be it theory, or guitar techniques, players, etc. I thought it would be cool to have an open forum to talk about these things together. Of course you can still email me but, I have to say the music we love is such a small “brotherhood” I would like for us all to connect and build a community.


    Hey, Tommy. Thanks for setting this up. I’m betting this’ll be a cool little community!


    I think it will be to.


    I think this is a great idea. I am a part-time musician and full-time high school teacher and I love pretty much all old-time music that has guitar (s) in it. I specialize in pre-1970s acoustic and electric blues and have a YouTube Channel where I give free lessons — I do accept small donations. In my neck of the woods it’s very rare to find anyone who likes this kind of music let alone plays it on guitar. All the guitar players I know are into Hendrix, Stevie Ray, and the contemporary rock-like blues guitarists. I’m looking forward to bringing my questions to you guys and reading your posts to each other. Thanks!

    Dave Moore

    merv anderson


    This blog is something new for me. Also new is how you have got me listening to some jazz guitar right now and no one has ever done that before! We will have to see how far this goes as I’m a hard core blues guy!

    Merv Anderson


    Hey Tommy,

    I’m glad to be here- feel like I’m “getting in on the ground floor” (a little!). Hope to learn a lot more from you and the kind of folks I am sure you will attract (e.g. Dave Moore).



    Hey folks,
    My name is Dan im 23 from South Australia and I have been learning from Tommy on skype. My favorite guitar players at the moment are Sean Costello, Tiny Grimes, Junior Watson, Charlie Christian, Barney Kessel and of course Tommy!
    Looking forward to talkin pickin with everyone.


    Hi Tommy. Looking forward to a successful forum. Best of luck.



    Hi everyone,

    My names’s Steve and I live across the pond in the UK. Have recently started Skype lessons with Tommy which are great, looking forward to chatting to you all – think this forum is a cool idea!


    Steve Spooner


    Great idea Tommy. Steve Sponner I’m also flying the flag for the UK Jump Blues.


    I’m in for the ride. Should be a great place to share ideas and perspectives. Let’s get started…


    Great idea Tommy. This made my day. I struggle with learning this stuff. I’m self taught and all my Buds play classic rock stuff. I have a solo acoustic blues and ragtime background but just starting on electric swing/jump styles. I’m using a Gibson ES-135 and a MJT Tele with a TK Smith CC neck pickup and mainly play at home with a ZT Lunchbox amp (for now). I get about an hour a day to play so a forum will really be helpful to streamline learning. Thanks! Mike


    Barry Grzebik here, above average Luthier, Acoustician and Sound Designer……below average guitar player!


    Jason from North Carolina here. Despite Tommy’s best efforts, still a below average guitar player myself.


    Dave from Canada here.

    I’ve taken video lessons with Tommy and it was great. I had to shift my priorities for a bit but I hope to get back to taking lessons again in the future.

    You’re a walking encyclopedia of jump blues and Western Swing, Tommy, and a killer player.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 42 total)
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