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Tommy Harkenrider Blues and Roots Guitar Night with Sean Mencher and Friends


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Wednesday the 28th I am having good friend Sean Mencher for a special show and guitar player get together.  Sean never gets out to the West Coast  so this will be a treat you can’t miss.  I first heard Sean play in the Band High Noon.  The trio was the template for so many Western Swing bands to follow.  Sean’s expertise in finger style picking has inspired many players including myself.  The night will be beyond fun.  Additionally to all the performance and instruction we will have guests dropping in to make this a reunion for Sean.  Matt Codina will be joining us as well as guests to be confirmed.  I know it’s a Wednesday but I can’t think of a better way to get over the hump.  I promise not to keep anyone out to late, and if you need Doctor’s note for work the next day I’m sure we can make one up.  I’m thinking we start this off around 7:30.  Price of admission is only 20.00. I’ll have good beer on hand.  Of course the show will be at Dave Valdez’s Beatnik Bandito on the corner of 5th and Broadway in Downtown Santa Ana.