Monthly, and Out of Town Clinics

Coming Sunday Oct. 29  I’ll be having my friend Deke Dickerson,  guitar picker, author, and historian as my special guest.    Last year when we did a clinic  he brought a couple iconic instruments.  The highlight was him talking about those guitars,  how he found them, and what they meant to the world of American Roots Music.  This is going to be the focal point for our upcoming clinic.  A guitar show and tell.  Deke will be bringing more iconic guitars, amplifiers and other musical rarities.  I thought it would be fun to add a performance element  by playing these guitars in the songs and styles that made them famous.  By hearing them and demonstrating some lines that were played  we can understand why they were the choice for players.  The sound of a Mosrite, a Bigsby, a Super 300, or a Telecaster helped define American idioms in Surf, Country, Western Swing, and Rockabilly.  This is just an example, god knows what Deke will pull out of his attic.   The Beatnik Bandito is  a small special place.  I can’t think of an environment better to demonstrate these instruments and amplifiers.  Prepare for an educational day.  I think everyone that attends will learn something new about players they know or be introduced to new players and genre’s.    Bring your chairs and I’ll bring the beer.  We will start at 2:30pm  and go till 5:30.  Mark the date and get a Hall Pass,  this is going to be an event you won’t forget.  This clinic will be 30.00.  Space is limited, sooner you purchase your ticket the better.   Purchasing this product acts as your ticket.

I will be planning my next clinic at The Beatnik Bandito in  late September or early October.  Keep you Calendar cleared NAMM Weekend.  We will have our Annual Clinic at The Beatnik Bandito with Paul Pigat and hopefully Rodney Gene from Texas.  Rodney Gene like Paul is an incredible player and master educator.  Everything from Blues, to Hot Country is his forte.


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