Tommy Harkenrider Blues & Roots

Monthly, and Out of Town Clinics

I’m excited to be back from Europe, and resuming my monthly Beatnik Bandito clinics.   August,  I am honored to have  Al Martinez as my guest.  Al is a one of the best guitarist I know.  His infusion of world music into his playing makes him truly a unique player.  He will explain and demonstrate how different world rhythms can be applicable to roots guitar.  Al and I have spent time watching everything from Egyptian music, to regional Mexican Music.  He is a true educator that inspires. His lessons have impacted my playing.  The right hand technique can be overlooked for most of us guitar players,  including myself.  The more rhythmic we play the more confident and identifiable we come across.  This clinic will be a great benefit no matter your skill level.

He works with his brother in “The Moonlight Cruisers”.  A roots band that blends Latin rhythms with American rockabilly, Blues and Rock n’ Roll.  Al also spent time in Los Fabulocos  the Cali-Mex band that shares the same cache and influence as The Blazers, and  Los Lobos.  Al’s performance style represents what a Southern California musician should be.  Everything California Roots music is known for is what Al sounds like.  We are going to have a fantastic afternoon.   We will start at 2pm.  Bring guitars and chairs and I’ll bring the beer.  Admission is 20.00 paid through the product listed at the bottom of my homepage.   I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks.  It has been far to long since we have done this.


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