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    Man yesterday’s clinic with Jeff Ross was a total blast. We didn’t get a ton of playing done, but the stories were fascinating. I put Jeff as instrumental of a player as Kid Ramos or Junior Watson. Technically he is good as they come. His resume was astounding. Funny thing yesterday is we talked about his time with John Jorgenson and Rosie Flores, and at the end of the clinic he says “Oh when I was with the Hellocasters” seriously a humble guy. I will be having him back for sure. We did a little jam of All of me yesterday, Craner can post it here. I had worked the tune out a long time time ago, and me and Craner even did a little youtube. I treaded water and didn’t completely mess it up but man totally inspired to get this worked out. Just watching Jeff was motivating.



    Jeff’s stories were great. We shared a mutual friend so I was familiar with some of his background, but hearing it from him was great. I appreciate his talent and resume much more now then I did before. It has been said that Jeff Ross is a world-class guitar player…

    Here’s a link to the video of All of Me.

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