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    Hey boys I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread on cool gear. Some students ask me what vintage gear they should be on the look out for. I think this could be a supportive thread since we are all into the same music. It would be nice to talk about the tones that are identified in specific genre’s. I also think if you guys are looking to unload something but want it to go to a good home this community is the right place. I know I bought my 295 from my friend in Texas who was more concerned that I was going to play it, not flip it or put it on my wall. He obviously didn’t have to worry. I’ve sold guitars where I had regrets just because I wanted them to be used. Don’t hesitate to weigh in on this idea.



    Nobody talking about gear? What’s this world coming to? For the past couple years I haven’t had a lot of time for playing but that hasn’t stopped my gear addiction. I think the only guitars I haven’t subjected to the “buy and try cycle” in relation to old school swing/jump is maybe a Les Paul with p-90s or a Epi Riviera with mini humbuckers. I’ve found that just about any guitar will get close though if ya stick a Jr Barnyard pedal in the mix. Now I just have to get good at playing! Guitars not for sale at this point are my ’61 Guild CE-100, ’62 Gibson cherry red ES-330, and recently purchased Rutters tele with TK pickups. Guitars possibly selling soon because I plan on going mobile in the near future are an all original ’53 blonde ES-175, Danocaster whiteguard Esquire, Blonde late 50’s or early 60’s Harmony H-62 similar to the one Kid Ramos plays and in great shape, 50’a Kay Value Leader with single pickup like the one Lonnie Johnson played, 1932 Epi Masterbilt Triumph acoustic archtop, Robert Cray strat converted to soft tail. Next week selling a players grade 1960 cherry red ES-345. It’ll be on the Gear Page.It’s gotten out of hand and just no time to play and maintain em all. Sure has been fun though. I play acoustic mostly on a ’54 Gibson J-50 and ’33 Martin 0-17 and still consider myself to be in transition as an electric player. Always working on Tommy’s lessons, Charlie Christian related stuff, and recently Joe Carr’s western swing books.


    Man you got some nice guitars going up for sale. I would urge you to hold onto that h62. I kick myself for not buying one when I could have. I think there is some special mojo in those guitars. One guitar that I think is the most versatile is my 330. I seem to get any tone I’m looking for, it also plays super easy. I love the tone of my 295 but the small frets can be a fight sometimes. Since they are original I’m not going to make any changes until I have to. You are right about the barnyard pedal, you can get a good tone with anything.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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