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    Hi Tommy, thanks for the lesson – I especially like the turnaround you demonstrate, will definately snag that one! I have one issue with the video: Audio and Video seperate more and more as the video goes on, so they are about 1 or 2 seconds apart at the end. Anybody else have the same problem?

    Btw – here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFudGM8W0yw

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    I’ll check it out. Sometimes youtube can be a little wonky. Thanks for letting me know. Definitely don’t want to sound like a godzilla movie. Thanks man



    I did notice a little bit of the Godzilla effect…but maybe it’s just a homage to the bygone era on which we’re focusing. How’s that for an excuse to not re-edit.

    For the ii-V, I know he really milked that (and for good reason because it’s really cool), and changed it up a little bit, but I thought in “Surprise Party Boogie” the 1st string chromatic walk-down started on the 7th fret (major 3rd) and chromatically descended to the tonic. I’ll have to listen to the record again.

    Is your example (starting from the 9th at the 5th fret and walking chromatically to the tonic G) a take from another song (maybe beep boogie)? Or just what you hear (I could have it wrong)? Or your interpretation of that ii-V7 device?

    And to add to it, this ii-V7 device marries up well with the Charlie Christian 7/9 triad of the tonic…

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