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    Glad you are here! There are some pretty cool posts on this forum. I learn a ton from all these guys. Most of all these are some good pickers and people. Al is a monster player I’m a huge fan.


    He certainly is! I’m a big fan of his too. He mentioned you awhile back and recommended I get in touch with you for some lessons. I just bought the first Jump Blues video as an introduction to this type of playing. I’ve always admired Country Swing and Rockabilly players from afar but was always too intimidated to ask anyone to teach me what they were doing.

    I became a huge fan of your playing that night and it was a pleasure to meet you.

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    Welcome! Sounds like you have some great gear, man. I have a ’59 125 myself. I’m sure you’ll agree that nothing sounds better than those old P-90s. If you’re looking to improve (and who isn’t?), Tommy is the man to come to. Have you heard his new EP? It’s fantastic! You can snag a copy on the site here.


    Thanks, for suggesting my EP. We did some recording when Paul was here. Very excited to get those tunes out. Your right nothing like good old p90’s I do have a couple p90 mounteable TK CAR’s on the way I think you boys might like the sound of those. I know I do.



    Can’t wait to hear what you and Paul cooked up!


    Hey everyone –

    I’m very excited to find this forum. I’ve been playing guitar for about 25 years, always country/rockabilly style. In the last two years I have made a concerted effort to get better, to really learn the neck, and understand why each note works over a chord. It has been lots of fun.

    I listen to Charlie Christian, Albert Lee, Bob Wills (with Eldon Shaman, Junior Barnard), the Time Jumpers, Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, Grady Martin and all of the other great pickers that most of us on this forum are into.

    My main guitar for the past 20+ years has been a G&L ASAT Classic. I bought it while I was living in Austin; I had become fixated on Telecasters after watching Junior Brown, Casper Rawls and the Derailers. The ASAT played better than every Tele I tried, so it became a keeper.

    My first guitar was a 1950’s Gibson ES-125 that I bought from the late great harmonica master Gary Primich. Unfortunately it was stolen years ago. Wish I still had it.

    Last year, influenced by Deke Dickerson, I picked up a 1962 Carvin # 1 MS. It’s a six-string on the bottom, and an 8-string mandolin on the top. It had a non-original finish. Once I removed it, I discovered that there were tons of filled holes in the body—someone had moved the pickups and tailpieces many times. As a result, I couldn’t refinish it to natural, as the holes would show, so I compromised and did a TV Yellow finish. My friend Avi Shabat at Shabat Guitars did all the work. He’s awesome and makes great Teles, too.

    Once I figure out how to post photos, I’ll post some photos.

    Glad to be on the forum –



    Welcome, and looking forward to seeing your double neck!


    Welcome aboard man! Definitely poke around here and talk to the fellas. I always learn a ton of stuff. You definitely listen to the right players. I’m a big fan of Deke as well. a great historian and great player, he was one of the first guys I reached out to years ago when I was diving into western swing and cool rockabilly.


    Hi all. I just found out about this forum yesterday (never tried looking for an actual website of Tommy ) and already I found out some great stuff. For example in all those years of finding the right tone, no one ever told me about phase shifting your pickups. If only I knew that earlier.

    Anyway, my name is max from the Netherlands. Been playing guitar since I was 14, and I’m 34 now. If only o practiced more during those 20 years:) I love roots music and would like to know how to play west coast swing and jump blues better. Nice to meet you all!


    Welcome Max, Look forward to seeing you around the forum.


    Hey Max!!! Happy yo have you here.



    Hi all. Steve from Scotland here. I have been playing guitar for longer than I can remember but have only been playing jazz for the last year or so. My main interests are pre-1960 jazz, rockabilly, and T-Bone Walker type blues. I would love to dabble with western swing but I don’t know much about it – you don’t get many chances to hear it round my way!

    I have signed up for the subscription thing and am having a lot of fun working on the first movie. Getting up to speed on it might take a while!

    I look forward to talking all things roots with you all.



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