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    When I was young, one of the first blues records I picked up was Jeff Healey. I think it was his version of Hideaway I learned first. Of course from there I was able to dig in different directions.

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    I’m so happy to hear that. I’m wanting to get some of those lines to coordinate with some of our other lessons. Been fun working through this stuff. Happy Easter man!

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    Don’t get me started on the rockabilly lifestyle. I’ve done one to many rockabilly festivals lol. The cars and the clothes are pretty dang cool, and I am a junk collector. I love old stuff, but man I don’t care to model my existence around the 1950’s. I think that all went out the window when I had kids. The music is hit and miss there is some great rockabilly music, there is also a lot of generic stuff. This is true in any genre though. I’m happy that there is a scene for this music, and happy the culture is strong. The photo essay is great. thanks for sharing

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    Hey man, it’s been a while since I had time to get back to normal. I’m finally able to take a breath after NAMM, and the gigs that I have been doing. One day at NAMM is enough for me. It was only 12:30 and I had to have a beer. You are right about the independent builders. They make some very cool stuff, and I see alot pride in the builds. I learned it’s like 3000.00 a day to be a vendor. That is a serious commitment. I hope the future of our instrument see’s a movement towards more independents. I love the relationships I’ve built with the builders of my guitars. I’m also happy to call them my friends.

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    I played at QSC’s sales party last night and I asked Pat what putting a preamp does to the amp. He told me the same thing as a tube amp. It pushes the front end there is an analog circuit that behaves like tubes. They gave me the 101 last night, dam that thing sounds good. only 2 lbs!!!

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    I will say dumping your heavy 2-12 deville for a quilter is pretty liberating. The 12 is really nice. I personally use the one 8 more than anything else. Might think about opting for that and if you need more dispersion pick up an extention cab. I think the 1-8 will work for almost everything.

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    Hey buddy I know I’m late to the game but somehow your response slipped through the cracks probably just holiday stuff. As far as my Tokai goes its hard to tell. I bought it on ebay and had it shipped from Tokyo. It is pretty amazing the case even looked like a lifton. I think the tuners were changed and the pots. The pickups have no markings but have braided wire. Prior to that I bought Junior Watson’s Dillion. I thought it was pretty cool when he played it, but pretty much didn’t sound like that when I played it lol!!! Really in the hands. Point though is that guitar was a good build but didn’t feel quite right, it sounded mine when I changed the pickups. Still just didn’t have the vibe. I sold that for the Tokai and never thought twice about selling it for a real gold top. Glad you are digging your epi paul. What kind of strings are you using?

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    I don’t think I have that trio record. Oscar is a bad man. Obviously last month we tried covering some Johnny Moore guitar ideas. I thought they were pretty unique and different from his brother. You are dead on about his life, really a pity. No musician of his talent should ever worry about getting a traditional job. I was shedding a tune called This Side Up. Awesome playing. Talk soon amigo

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    Hey man! finally getting caught up. The IV chord in Ab is Db, and I do use the 5th string root before I move to the diminished so I think you are right on. I’m glad you like the lesson.. The new one will be out in a couple days. I hope you will like it. It’s going to cover some Jean Pierre Sassoon guitar lines. I think you will dig his playing. I’m with you though Ab is a pain since we never really play it. I love the tune but I haven’ quite gotten it completely under my fingers yet. Hope the Holidays were good for you man!!!

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    Hey Louis! Sorry I didn’t get back on the forum sooner. I hope you had a good holiday. True words my friend. I think amps that fit the environment are very important. I try not to play very loud sometimes given a show I can’t help it. I find that tone is really in the hands and attack. Kid can play a solid state vox and sound huge. I think a lot of what we view as volume has to do more with conveying energy. I use a tweed pro when I can. I find that 15″ and cabinet sounds very big without ripping heads off. I do like the Quilter, responsive and the best swiss army knife I’ve had.

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    Hey Max!!! Happy yo have you here.

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    Hey!!!! Welcome aboard. Here are a couple of my opinions. I do like Blues Junior amps. I used one on the road with Candye Kane years ago. I loved it. It was modded by a guy called BillM. Sadly I think he passed away but I’m positive folks replicate his mods. I have a a couple quilters and I use the 8″ aviator almost always. Very suprising how natural and organic they sound. They are loud, reliable, and sound good. The reissue bassmans are fine . I have a tweed bandmaster and their is something about 10’s I don’t particularly care for, but that is me and not a judgment on the tone. I think bassmans do sound good. Hope this helps out a little.

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    Hey Man!!! The pedal is pretty cool. I would like to try it at a gig I would also love to use it on a generic amp like a hot rod deluxe. I should have one to mess around with here in a couple weeks. I was really impressed when I heard the demo video back. I really thought it had that Junior Tone. I used my 295. I would like to see what it does with solid body guitars and other pickups.

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    Fantastic!!! I loved the historical background on the player piano, and records. I recommend this as a good read for folks. I thought it was interesting that part of the popularity was a result of having blues and hillbilly music being sold at a discounted price. I liked how sheet music was marketed.

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    Yeah Tavo does some pretty amazing stuff with his pedals. He is really into the Junior Barnard sound. He says the pedal will capture that sound. Even if the sound comes close I will be a happy camper. I hope the pedal will have other applications. My personal hope is that it will sound good the Willie Johnson Sun sound.

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