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    I am dragging my ass across the carpet like a dog! I can’t wait to play her. She is gonna be a looker. The body pickup you are putting in is a killer feature. I know on my 175 their is a sound that resembles a reverb. I know its not but it creates a big vibey sound. I know the body pickup in the grez does something like that.

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    That is quite the article. I’m only half way through it, but have learned quite a bit. The origins of the recording industry is so cool. I read that Les Paul’s recording with Georgia White was done in the back of a furniture store. Makes sense records were the accessory to the Gramophone. Can’r sell record players without records. Thanks Bryan. I’m trying to figure out how a couple southern women ended up recording in Wisconsin.

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    Can’t you guys use red diesel?

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    I need to get a ticket and come hang with you boys.

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    I don’t have much L.C. Mckinley, but I need more.

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    Bubba wrote a great review of those strings. I use Thomastic 12’s on my 175. I’ve had them on their for 6 months plus, still going strong. I use flats on my tokai les paul, I use chromes and they are okay but my buddy Tavo brought his TK tele with Thomastic 11’s. I really liked the sound of those. For my day to day playing especially with loud blues bands I use GHS 12’s. I think they are a little to bright but they are cheap and accessible.

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    Glad to see ya Dave. I think with this little hangout of mine I’m gonna a learn a ton from you guys as well.

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    Man, lookin forward to it. I’ve been on the look out for some arv garrison. My buddy Dan Whitehead in Australia made me a copy of the Swing to Bop Guitars. Guitars in flight 39-47. TK talked about it in his blog, killer record. Their is a couple Barnes tunes I’ve never heard.

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    Funny thing, one off gigs with things thrown together can be so much fun you want to keep them together for more gigs. If something comes to mind I’ll definitely let you know. Remember simple, and don’t include the word blue in the title. It seems every time you hear the word blue in it, obviously some exceptions, but it’s a jive ass blues band lol

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    I’m gonna be posting some new pictures of my new guitar in progress. It’s built by a great guitar maker Barry Grzebik. Check out his website I am completely loyal to my buddy Dan Dunham and his guitars. If you aren’t aware of what he does you are missing out. Check his site out as well. Dan has made me like solid body guitars. I never knew a solid body guitar could feel and sound so organic. My tele has been my number 1 for quite some time. With that said I still love hollow and semi-hollow body guitars. I have been on the hunt for a hollowbody to replace my workhorse es330 foe awhile. Barry let me play his prototype and the rest is history. As soon as I figure it out you guys will see some pictures. I’m looking forward to having this guitar along with My dunham as my workhorse guitars.

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    I just stumbled on this youtube Definitely gonna be putting some time in doing some minor 32 bar forms.

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    I think it will be to.

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