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    Hey guys. I can’t believe the subscription service is still running strong. They have helped my playing quite a bit. Getting the opportunity to transcribe new solos and ideas from our heroes has been invaluable. We don’t have any shortage of players to study, but I would like to get some ideas from you. So please send some suggestions my way. Hope everyone’s 4th was good!!

    in reply to: TK Smith CCII Pickup #5916

    I’d say go for it, I think gfs makes a p90 in a paf housing thats really inexpensive if budget is an issue. You aren’t going to sell the guitar, and you like playing it. A better pickup might improve the sound and inspire you to play it more. Worse thing is it isn’t what your looking for and you have a pickup you can try in another guitar down the road or sell it. That’s my thoughts

    in reply to: Restoring Bob Wills #5831

    Really cool. Have you had any success cleaning up any old recordings with it. If it works I might make the investment in it.

    in reply to: The Swap Meet Gear Thread #5830

    Man you got some nice guitars going up for sale. I would urge you to hold onto that h62. I kick myself for not buying one when I could have. I think there is some special mojo in those guitars. One guitar that I think is the most versatile is my 330. I seem to get any tone I’m looking for, it also plays super easy. I love the tone of my 295 but the small frets can be a fight sometimes. Since they are original I’m not going to make any changes until I have to. You are right about the barnyard pedal, you can get a good tone with anything.

    in reply to: New TV Jones/Ray Butts Filter'Tron #5560

    I am with you, I don’t know much about filter trons. I’ve played them a couple of times but never really wowed me. I am wanting a guitar with dearmonds.

    in reply to: He's got a right to play the blues #5111

    Interesting conversation. I think partscaster is a little crazy but I am extremely flattered. I can only speak from my philosophy on being a musician. I started this quest when I was really young without responsibility or commitments. I had dreams of being a guitar god. The more years I put into this and time spent with my mentors my goals changed. I realized all my mentors weren’t making big bucks. The journey of creating music was more important than being rich or at that time in my early 20’s financially solvent. As I got older having family and kids the focus was just balancing music and family. I focused on aspects of music that I love that wouldn’t compromise time with my family. I’ve always enjoyed learning and I’m passionate about educating. Performance is an outlet of what I learn. I get to do what I love, provide and be home with my family. I really think I’m luckier than Joe Bonamassa or Bernard Allison. I won’t lie more money would be cool but I found exactly what I am and what I like to do.

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    Thanks for coming out last night!!! Was really great getting to meet you in person. I had a great time and I hope we can grow the place. Your right it’s hard to argue the price of food and beer.

    in reply to: Speakers and amps!!!! #4769

    Here is some news. I used to own a late 40’s early 50’s Magnatone trubadour. When I bought it, I didn’t own a speaker so I took the p12 out of my ampro speaker cabinet and put it in the magnatone. I just recently purchased it back and have been using my Kevin Nelson 185 clone with with the magnatone cab and p12. It sounds very similar to the p12 in the ampro cab. The conclusion I am having is that the smaller cab with a 12″ works well with arch top guitars. I get plenty of presence and I don’t feed back. Love your thoughts. Seems to me small speaker cabs in the development of electric guitars might have had more science to it than just arbitrary design. call me nuts but that’s what I’m thinking this week.

    in reply to: Old Fenders and old fingers #4673

    I love the world guitar show. Obviously, their is very little that I can afford, but it is still fun to look. I wonder what millennials will think of these guitars after we are gone. I think the collector market is crazy stupid. Especially since I’m a player. I could care less if a guitar is in mint condition. From experience those guitars tend to sound like shit. If they are to clean means nobody wanted to play them or was never played. I’ll say my beat 330 sounds really special to me. Neck repair, wrong trapeze, faded and scratched finish. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    in reply to: Public Service Announcement – Solo Flight site is back up #4659

    So cool!!!! I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it. Thanks Jason!!!

    in reply to: Pickup Tip #4658

    I was playing at the fairgrounds yesterday and wanted to get over to the guitar show. I’m really curious if you picked up a new toy. The dynasonics are a cool pickup, I like them better than the filtertrons. A gretsch is on my list of must have guitars.

    in reply to: Hello and a question about picks… #4557

    I think you will be happy with the thickness

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    I agree with Craner. I seem to have a better connection with the string, and have better dynamic control. I use relatively heavy strings so I tend to pick harder especially on my hollow body guitars. I think this helps to get the top vibrating. Thanks Chris!!!

    in reply to: R.I.P. Scotty Moore #4249

    I heard the news. Really sad to hear.

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    Heck Yeah!!!!! killer tone. Reminds me of Juaquin Murphy, really aggressive.

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