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    I’d like to see a video that explains your left hand technique.
    Watching you play and trying to steal licks from you 🙂 is tough because sometimes your fingers hardly seem to move.

    It’s kind of awe inspiring because so much great music comes from you with what appears to be such little effort.

    In contrast, I put a death grip on my neck, bend my fingers in ways they don’t want to bend, and I sound like garbage.

    The reality is that I’m somewhere in between…except for the garbage part. That’s mostly trues. LOL!

    Maybe an over-the-shoulder view of the neck while you’re going through a lesson would be cool to see.

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    Dave from Canada here.

    I’ve taken video lessons with Tommy and it was great. I had to shift my priorities for a bit but I hope to get back to taking lessons again in the future.

    You’re a walking encyclopedia of jump blues and Western Swing, Tommy, and a killer player.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)